About iGrow

Knowledge Management

The only asset which appreciates over a period in an organization is the Human asset. Because people gain knowledge and experience over a period. But when an employee leaves, he leaves with his knowledge. Hence the biggest challenge for an organization is to capture the knowledge gained by the employee during his/her tenure with the organization, and make it available for future generation. Basically, the effective management of knowledge within organization.

To put it simply, Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge.

Knowledge management is the discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an organization’s information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously un-captured expertise and experience in individual workers.”

With this aim, we have created our Knowledge Management Portal “www.igrow7Cs.com”, an intranet web portal for all the employees.

The name depicts the following :

> I grow as an employee through continuous learning

> I grow 7Cs with the help of knowledge I gained through my experience with the company and the experiences and knowledge of the employees of the past and present.

It shall benefit all the employees as a platform to express their knowledge and to make “igrow” as a key player in all our businesses